Moises E. Molina High School

                   Rosettes Try-Out Packet


Molina Rosettes Dance/Drill Team

Tryout Information


We are so excited that you and your son/daughter are interested in the MHS Rosettes organization.  This is a great arena for your daughter to learn teamwork, responsibility, discipline and to have memories that will last a lifetime.  It is important that each candidate and parent understand the commitment that is involved in becoming a member of the Rosettes Dance/Drill Team.


The following information will help to provide necessary information in assisting each family with the decision of allowing their daughter to audition.


It is imperative for each parent and student to understand that becoming part of this program requires a great deal of commitment, both time and energy.  If your son/daughter makes the Rosettes Team, I understand that you might have several questions for me, so please feel free to contact me via email or via phone or 972-502-1000.


All paperwork will be due on Wednesday, March 30th,2016  to Ms. Vera at the beginning of rehearsal. Forms due include: Candidate Application, Permission for Audition Form, Membership Consent Form, Why do you want to become a Rosette Member? (Full Page Paper Typed), a copy of latest report card, and a headshot.

The Constitution Agreement Form and Extra-Curricular Code of Conduct Form will be due after the made the Rosettes Team.


All questions and concerns should be directed to Ms. Vera at the parent meeting.  Any questions that may come up after this date may be directed to Ms. Vera at 972-502-1000 or via e-mail at



Tryouts for the 2016-2017 season will be held Thursday, March 30, 2016.  On this Thursday the candidates will learn the tryout dance and kick combination they must wear appropriate work-out clothing during the clinic and audition day. If there are any conflicts with the candidates’ current school extra-curricular activities, please obtain approval thru the director immediately prior to the clinic dates.



There is no pre-determined number of members for the Rosettes Dance/Drill Team. Membership depends on how many students tryout and on the natural score break.  Tryouts are conducted in front of qualified judges approved by the administration with a vast background in dance/drill team.  All judge/ judges’ decisions are final.



Judges, the group trying out, seniors assisting, the sponsor(s) and administrators are the only individuals allowed in the designated tryout area.  Parents, friends, boyfriends and other family members are not allowed in the tryout area.



It is recommended that you have an average of at least 70 in each class the six weeks prior to tryouts.  Grades will be checked during season and the rules of HB 72 “No Pass-No Play” will be followed.  Therefore, anyone who experiences difficulty in studies may want to reconsider auditioning or determine to participate in additional tutoring.  Failure in any class puts the student on 3 weeks probation and restricted from performance.  If grades are still below 70 they will be on probation another three weeks.  Failure in two consecutive grading periods results in dismissal from the team.




One-Three outside judges will be utilized and I will be included as a judge to verify that the candidate can control the pressure for next year. These judges are requested by the director and/or administration from professional dance organizations such as Marching Auxiliaries, American Dance/Drill Team School, Showtime International and many others.  All judges have been licensed in the area for which they will be judging.



A sample of the judging categories which will be used by the judges is included in this packet so each candidate will understand the method of scoring.



  1. Each candidate will be known by an identification number which will be worn during auditions.


  1. Each candidate will perform the splits, a kick routine, and half of jazz dance routine in groups of 3-4 members.  All aspects of try-outs will be considered for admittance to the team and will be weighed accordingly to their importance in making the team.  (Please refer to the scoring sheet for specifics on individual aspects and their weighing score during auditions.)


  1. Auditions are closed to spectators.


  1. There will be three (3-5) certified judges, selected by the director and approved by the administration.


  1. Selection of team members will be based on the categories of dance technique, showmanship, knowledge of routines, splits, kicks, rhythm and timing, precision and unison, overall impression and performance.


  1. The candidates will be notified on Friday, April 1, 2016.



      Black turtleneck leotard or top – preferably long sleeve, or short sleeve, (no crop tops)

      Black leggings/tights or dance pants

      Black socks

      Dance Paws or barefoot

      No jewelry or nail polish

      Performance make up

      Hair in tightly secured in pony tail or bun (no bangs or love curls)—bun is preferred to avoid distraction 


Rosettes Membership Requirements


      Each member MUST want to be a Rosette.

      A prospective member currently attends a DISD school.

      Each member MUST be willing to abide all rules, follow directions, and be respectful.

      Each member MUST enjoy learning performance dances.

      Each member MUST demonstrate responsibility at all times.

      Each member MUST understand that any decision made by the director and/or administration is in the best interest of the team and its members.

      Each member MUST have a desire to cooperate- to be “one of the group.”

      Each girl must maintain a 70 average in each class.

      Each member must register for the Drill Team class for the 2016-2017 school year. 

      Each member is required to participate in all activities in which the organization is involved, be it performance, fund-raising, or school or community events.

      All members are required to attend Drill Team camp and the practice session(s) prior to camp.  Officers, dance and social officers, must attend an additional training camp.

      Each member is required to attend the pre-season training prior to the start of school.  These training sessions prepare each member for the rigorous schedule that will begin with the onset of the school year.

      Each member must attend summer practices with the team and complete summer work-outs during the summer. (Dates and times will be announced at a later date.)

      Each member is required to attend all mandatory dance/choreography workshops throughout the year.  Others will be available on a voluntary basis.

      Before school, after school, and summer practice sessions are required. Time specifications for these will be established as camp dates and other school schedules become available to the director. 

      All members must be present for all practice sessions, games, camp, pep rallies, competitions, etc.

      Possible fundraisers for each year include but are not limited to:

o   Pee Wee/Junior Dance Clinics

o   2 Candy Sales

o   Apleebee’s

o   Dance Contest

o   Spring Show Advertisements

      All members are required to attend team competitions during the spring semester.  There are at least two competitions a year and every other year there is an out of state trip.

      All members audition for every performance to be eligible for said performance.   This includes football, basketball, pep rally, community and competition performances.

      Members will purchase their practice clothing, and other necessary clothing as required. All personal financial obligations for uniform orders must be met prior to the close of the school year that they are selected to participate.

      Each member must participate in the spring show held in April or May.





Being a MHS Rosette means COMMITMENT – For all seasons/ALL YEAR LONG.  Rosettes activities begin immediately following auditions and continue throughout the year, until the following auditions.  This involves commitment on the members’ part as well as their parents for a full year.



      Team and Officer Auditions are the first activity of the new year (usually in late March or early April)

      New Team practices begin after try-outs for the months of April, May and June.



      Dance Officer Camp is on mid-June.  Dates vary from year to year, but will be held at Galveston with American Dance/Drill Team (ADTS).   Camp lasts 3-4 days and is mandatory for the dance officers.

      Social Officer Camp is also early August.  Dates and location vary from year to year.  The director will run this camp along with one board member.  Camp lasts 2 days and is mandatory for the social officers.

      Summer Practice begins whenever the camp dates are set.  These practices prepare and condition team members for camp and football season performances.

      Team Camp varies from year to year.  If the team attends an outside camp, family and friends are invited to attend Home Routine Evaluations which is held the first evening of camp, and Final Evaluation which is held the final morning of camp.  If camp is held at MHS, family and friends will be invited for the last day in the afternoon.

      Officer Leadership Workshop is a required activity for all officers, dance and social.  A guest workshop presenter hosts this for the officers.  Its purpose is to prepare each officer for her forthcoming leadership role and provides wonderful insight into motivational and organizational tips.  This varies from year to year—at director’s discretion.

      Following new team practices, members will attend the team camp, and thereafter continue with team and individual work outs for the upcoming school year.  In addition there may be work days at the school assisting the staff and administration with classroom preparation.

      The Team and Officers may have performance opportunities throughout the summer—dates and times to be announced at a later date.



      Pep rallies are held during home games of the football season.  Rosettes will perform at all pep rallies.

      Football Games are held weekly throughout the month of September, October, and early November.  Play-off games are mandatory if the football team has a successful year.  These games can run into the holidays and right up to Christmas break.

      Members are required to attend all football games unless the member is ill or the member is academically ineligible or suspended.



      Basketball Games which the team attends are pre-scheduled and all academically eligible members are required to attend designated games. 

      Contest practices are held during the months of December, January and February.  All competition material is taught and/or perfected at these practices.  Saturday’s and some evenings may be required depending upon the availability of gym space and schedules.

      Competition Season for the Rosettes usually falls in February and March.  The team generally competes in two to three contests—including Regional, State, and National Contests.


As you can see, drill team is a full year commitment.  If you, or your daughter, feel that she cannot meet these expectations, she should not participate in the audition.  It is an honor to be selected as a member of this award-winning organization. It requires enthusiasm and dedication not only from the girls but from the parents as well.  The team can be the best thing only if it has your support.  I hope each of you will be willing to give your support to your daughter and the team as these girls prepare for a successful year.





Please read this section carefully because the financial operations of the Rosettes organization seem to cause the most confusion. 


If you still have questions after reading this section, please do not hesitate to contact me – I would be happy to assist you with any questions.


Listed below is an itemized account of expenses that could be incurred by new members – returning members need to make a decision whether or not they need all the items below.  Hopefully, this will give candidates an idea of what to expect in terms of financial obligations.  The largest sum of money is due in late spring; however, some items may be purchased over a period of time.  This list is not necessarily inclusive for the year and it must be realized by all members and parents that additions must be made from time to time.  Great care is taken by the director to keep costs as low as possible.


Please remember that this is only the initial cost—there will be other financial obligations throughout the year.  If there is a major concern about the cost for a new Rosette team member, please speak with Ms. Vera prior to try-outs to discuss options.



The above list of items is ordered as a group rather than individual.  An exact list of items and their prices will be given to each member after tryouts.  At that time, the director will place one large order through either the Rosettes Booster Club or Molina HS.



2016-2017-Rosettes Expense List

Estimate Cost—Subject to Change

Items Needed


Reverence Pep-Rally Shirt


Jazz Pants


Practice Pants ?


M/W & T/W Practice T-shirt


Jazz Shoes


Black Leotard


Body Thight


Field Uniform


White boots


White Hat


Booster Club Membership (family)


Social/Spirit Fees




LDS Challenger Warm-Up Jacket


LDS Challenger Warm-Up Pants


Competition Shirt


Dance Shorts


Paw Shoes


Tote Bag


American Dance Drill Team Camp


We do fundraise to try and collect money!


Please understand - these are ESTIMATED PRICES and could change slightly!

Grand Total    $644.58



Booster Club Membership

$       15.00

Social Fees

$       30.00


Payment Plan Schedule















Final Payment



All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.

All payments must be received prior to distribution of any uniforms or attendance at camp and practice.

Failure to pay or make arrangements to pay will result in removal from the team.


Team Camp will be in August at Molina HS and everyone must attend!!!!