Moises E. Molina High School

                         Awards and Accomplishments

Ms. Vera would like to congratulate our varsity and JV for doing an outstanding job at competition this year.


The awards are as following:


American Dance Drill Team Competition

Jesus Coronado-2nd runner up soloist
Anna Jimenez and Noemi Martinez-

1st runner up duet
JV Large ensemble-1st Place
Sweepstakes and Gussie Nell Davis- Dance Officer
Sweepstakes and Gussie Nell Davis- Varsity Team
Division I-Social officers
Judges Award- Social Officers
Judges Award-Officer Jazz
Judges Award- Officer Modern
Judges Award- Team Jazz

 Judges Award- Team Pom
Judges Award- Team Contemporary
Officer Best Presentation
Team Best Technique
Team Best Presentation
Team Best Precision
Officer Best Choreography
Team Best Choreography
Sportsmanship Award
Dance officers-3rd place from category
Team- 4th place from category
Best of the Best- 7th place from 51 teams


Showtime International Competition

Division I ratings:
Jesus Coronado
Miguel Gutierrez
Francia Olivares

Solo Finalist: (from 50 solos)
Jesus Coronado-3rd runner up
Miguel Gutierrez -4th runner up

1st place Duet- Ana Jimenez and Noemi Martinez

2nd Runner up: Social Officers Routine

1st place JV Ensemble

Sweepstakes and Judges Awards
(Score of 90s and above)
 Best in class Jazz
 Best in class Modern
Best in class Hip Hop

Sweepstakes and Judges Awards

Best in Class runner up in Jazz
Best in Class runner up in contemporary
Best in Class Pom

Officers Circle of Champions
Team Circle of Champions